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Bonanza (1964): The Underdog


Half Comanche Indian Harry Starr is not made to feel welcome in the saloon by Lee Burton and his gang.

(left to right, Charles Bronson as Harry Starr, Robert Hoy as Klawson, Bill Clark as Warren, and Tom Reese as Lee Burton)

Klawson, Burton and Stokey watch the Cartwrights save Harry from their attack

(left to right, Robert Hoy, Tom Reese and Henry Wills)


Klawson (Robert Hoy) watches over a meeting with Harry


Stokey, Warren, Klawson and Burton are under suspicion from Sheriff Coffee.

(left to right, Henry Wills, Ray Teal, Bill Clark, Robert Hoy, Tom Reese)

Half-breed Harry Starr is given a job on the Ponderosa but men in town tell everyone that he is a horse thief.

This episode also features Henry Wills, who was the stunt coordinator and second unit director on The High Chaparral. William Claxton directed this episode.


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