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Little House on the Prairie (1976): The Runaway Caboose


The Engineer (Don Collier), his Fireman (Bob Hoy) and the Conductor are anxious to get going and make up for lost time

The Fireman (Bob Hoy) thinks that this is just a routine journey

Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon) has to battle the Fireman (Bob Hoy) and the Engineer to get them to stop the train

The Fireman (Bob Hoy) watches as the train gets closer to the runaway caboose

Laura, Mary and Mr. Edward's son Carl are investigating an old caboose when they mistakenly set the car in motion. It picks up speed on a downhill course, with Charles and Mr. Edwards racing to catch it.  Meanwhile the Engineer of a locomotive (Don Collier) and his Fireman (Bob Hoy) are trying to make up time, and are running at top speed on the same track, destined to meet the runaway caboose head on.


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