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Little House on the Prairie (1975): To See the World


Mr Edwards poker buddies agree to deceive Johnny.
(left to right: Bob Hoy, Hal Bokar, James Griffith)


When Johnny leaves with all their money, the buddies think Mr. Edwards has double-crossed them.
(lef to right: Victor French, Hal Bokar, Bob Hoy, James Griffith)

Another game is proposed and there is no chance they can lose.
(left to right: Bob Hoy, Hal Bokar, Victor French, James Griffith)

Two poker faces
(Hal Bokar and Bob Hoy)


Mr. Edwards (Victor French) has filled the head of farm boy Johnny Johnson (Mitch Vogel) with tales of worldly adventures and now Johnny sets out to see the world for himself.  Mr. Edwards takes him as far as Mankato and then devises a scheme involving a fixed poker game and a pretty waitress to make the boy want to return home.

Bob plays one of the poker players.


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