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The Black Shield of Falworth


Myles Falworth Tony Curtis
Lady Anne Janet Leigh
Gilbert Blunt, Earl of Alban David Farrar
Meg Falworth Barbara Rush
William, Earl of Mackworth Herbert Marshall
Prince Hal of Wales Dan O'Herlihy

Directed by Rudolph Mate
Screenplay by Oscar Brodney, Howard Pyle (novel)


In the time of King Henry IV, Myles Falworth and his sister have been raised as a peasants, unaware that their real father was a disgraced nobleman. Myles trains to be a knight, falls in love with Lady Anne, and works to clear his father's name.

Bob worked as a stuntman in this movie.

Stuntman Bob Hoy in The Black Shield of Falworth, 1954

(photo from the private collection of Robert F. Hoy)


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