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Ward Kinsman Robert Taylor
Captain Ben Lorrison John Hodiak
Ann Duverall Arlene Dahl
Tana Chief Thundercloud
Lieutenant Linus Delaney Don Taylor
Martha Conovan Bruce Cowling
Sargarent Mack Pat Moriarity
1st Trooper/Indian Robert F. Hoy

Directed by Sam Wood
Screenplay by Marguerite Roberts


The army needs to rescue a general's daughter who has been captured by the Apaches. To complicate matters, the army scout (Robert Taylor) as well as the captain (John Hodiak) fall in love with the missing girl's sister (Arlene Dahl).

This movie was Bob's film debut. He played a trooper, an Indian, and performed stunts.

(photo from the private collection of Robert F. Hoy)

Robert F. Hoy (far left) as an Indian in Ambush, 1949


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