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Twilight For the Gods


Captain David Bell Rock Hudson
Charlotte King Cyd Charisse
First Mate Ramsay Arthur Kennedy
Harry Hutton Leif Erickson
Lott Charles Horvath
Keim Robert F. Hoy
Oliver Wiggins Richard Haydn

Directed by Joseph Pevney
Screenplay by Ernest K. Gann


The crew and alcoholic captain of a rundown schooner full of misfit passengers deal with a life-threatening storm on a journey to Mexico. Coping with the disaster reveals the true character of all of them.

Leif Erickson would later star with Bob in The High Chaparral.  Charles Horvath, a fellow stuntman, also appeared in several episodes of The High Chaparral.

(photo from the private collection of Robert F. Hoy)

Robert F. Hoy as Keim, Rock Hudson as Captain David Bell and Charles Horvath as Lott in Twilight For the Gods


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