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Revenge of the Creature


Prof. Clete Ferguson John Agar
Helen Dobson Lori Nelson
Joe Hayes John Bromfield
The Creature Tom Hennesy/Ricou Browning
Lucas Nestor Pavia
Jackson Foster Grandon Rhodes
Charlie Robert F. Hoy
Lab Technician Clint Eastwood

Directed by Jack Arnold
Written by William Alland & Martin Berkeley


In this sequel to The Creature From the Black Lagoon, the Gill Man is caught and taken to Marineland to be studied by scientist Clete Ferguson. The Creature falls in love with Ferguson's girlfriend Helen. When he escapes his captivity he manages to grab the girl, with the scientist and the whole city in hot pursuit.

Bob plays Charlie, a college student who gets in the way of the Creature.

Charlie (Robert F. Hoy, left) and his friend Pete (Brett Halsey, right) are out for a drive.

When they spot a woman's body on the beach they stop to investigate, unaware that the Creature is close by.

Charlie is about to get a surprise.


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