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Tammy and the Bachelor


Tammy Tyree Debbie Reynolds
Peter Brent Leslie Nielsen
Grandpa Walter Brennan
Barbara Bissle Mala Powers
Aunt Renie Mildred Natwick
Ernie Craig Hill
Osia Louise Beavers
Mrs. Brent Fay Wray
uncredited Robert F. Hoy

Directed by Joseph Peveny
Screenplay by Oscar Brodney (based on novel by Cid Ricketts Sumner)


Backwoods girl Tammy (Debbie Reynolds) nurses  pilot Peter Brent (Leslie Nielsen) back to health and falls in love with him. When her Grandpa (Walter Brennan) has to go to jail for moon shining, she is invited to stay at the manor home of Peter, his parents and eccentric aunt. Her simple, naive ways eventually win over the snobbish mother, clueless father, and Peter himself.

Bob is one of group of Peter's friends who are rehearsing for a dance for an upcoming pageant.

Bob and his dance partner try to convince Mrs. Brent (Fay Wray- left) to let them skip rehearsal for the pageant

Peter's friend Ernie (Craig Hill - right) brings Bob outside to investigate the strange sighting of a goat (Tammys)

Peter (Leslie Nielsen, center) is called when they discover the sleeping Tammy (Debbie Reynolds, right). Bob Hoy (left) and Craig Hill

Mrs. Brent is horrified to find that Tammy's goat has eaten her flowers.
Bob Hoy (left), Craig Hill (right)

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