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Robert F. Hoy

Five Card Stud


Van Morgan Dean Martin
The Rev. Jonathan Rudd Robert Mitchum
Nick Evers Roddy McDowell
Lily Langford Inger Stevens
Little George Yaphet Kotto
Nora Evers Katherine Justice
Rowan Don Collier
Mama Malone Ruth Springford
Nora Evers Katherine Justice
U.S.Marshal Al Dana John Anderson
Deputy Marshal Otis Robert F. Hoy

Directed by Henry Hathaway
Screenplay by Marguerite Roberts


It begins with a friendly game of stud poker among six men who know each other and one stranger in a saloon in a   mining town.  Van Morgan (Dean Martin) deals himself out and heads out back of the saloon. The stranger is caught cheating by the others, who promptly decide on frontier justice at the end of a rope.  Leading the lynch mob is Nick Evers (Roddy McDowell).

Into town rides the Reverend Jonathan Rudd (Robert Mitchum) a few days later.  He is no ordinary preacher, as townsfolk begin to discover, by the way he handles a gun and carries himself in the face of danger. 

One by one, the members of the midnight poker party begin dying.  Not easy, clean deaths but vile, vicious deaths as befitting a revenge-seeking killer. Only the original poker players know why and they are not talking, so the deaths stir up the town.  Everyone begins to think they might be next.  It becomes a cat-and-mouse game for the remaining poker players to find the murderer before they can become his next victim.

Bob plays the Deputy Marshal of the town. He has the unfortunate task of trying to disarm a rioting miner named Rowan, played by Don Collier. Don played Sam Butler (Bob's brother) in The High Chaparral. Actor Yaphet Kotto (one of the poker players) also made a guest appearance on The High Chaparral.

The Marshal (John Anderson - left) gives instructions to his Deputy (Bob Hoy)

Deputy Marshal Otis (Bob Hoy) watch the miners of the town getting out of hand

The Deputy takes the rifle from Rowan
(Don Collier - left)

No one is going to be using this rifle again

But Rowan (Don Collier - right) also has a pistol


The Marshal (Bob Hoy- right) is not as quick on the draw as Rowan (Don Collier - center)


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