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Operation Petticoat


Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman Cary Grant
Lt. Nicholas Holden Tony Curtis
Lt. Dolores Crandall, RN Joan O'Brien
Lt. Barbara Duran, RN Dina Merrill
Ernest Hunkle Gavin MacLeod
Stovall Richard (Dick) Sargent
Chief Mechanic's Mate Sam Tostin Arthur O'Connell
Lt. Reid, RN Madlyn Rhue
Reiner Robert Hoy

Directed by Blake Edwards
Screenplay by Paul King, Joseph Stone, Stanley Shapiro, Maurice Richlin


During WWII, the submarine Sea Tiger is damaged. The sub's Commander Matt Sherman (Cary Grant) looks the other way when misfit Lieutenant Nicholas Holden (Tony Curtis) uses his crafty, scrounging ways to acquire parts for the sub. When they are finally on their way again and stop at an island, Lieutenant Holden  manages to bring aboard five stranded nurses, several pregnant Filipino women, assorted children, a goat, and a hog. To liven up the mix, Nurse Crandell (Joan O'Brien) is terribly accident-prone. Nurse Duran (Dina Merrill) falls in love with Lt. Holden, though he already has two fiancées.

With all supplies at a minimum, even the talented Lt. Holden can only come up with nothing but red and white paint for the Sea Tiger, resulting in a bright pink submarine. The Navy knows nothing about a colorful submarine in their fleet, and soon they are being chased by both the Japanese and the US Navy.

Bob has two great moments with Cary Grant.

Lt. Commader Sherman (Cary Grant) goes below to investigate Nurse Crandell's latest calamity

Seaman Reiner (Bob Hoy) has no explanation.

Seaman Reiner (Bob Hoy) is on duty when the Sea Tiger is going on her first enemy attack.

He echoes the crew's desire to pursue the enemy


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