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W.B., Blue and the Bean (aka Bail Out)


W. B. (Roger) David Hasselhoff
Nettie Linda Blair
Blue Tony Brubaker
Bean Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Mr. Ridgeway John Vernon
Moe Rowden Bob Hoy

Directed by Max Kleven
Screenplay by Max Kleven


W.B. (short for White Bread but his real name is Roger), and his partners Blue and Bean, are bounty hunters hired to keep a rich heiress safe so she can testify at a drug trial. Moe Rowden (Bob Hoy) and his partner manage to grab the girl first.

Bob has a unique and unprintable first line of dialogue.


Moe (Bob Hoy) tells W.B. (David Hasselhoff) not to get involved in a very direct manner

And he calls him a very bad name.

Nettie (Linda Blair) finds herself unexpectedly in Moe's (Bob Hoy) van

The bad guys catch up with Moe (Bob Hoy)

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