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Robert F. Hoy

Choke Canyon


Dr. David Lowell Stephen Collins
Vanessa Pilgrim Janet Julian
Capt. Oliver Parkside Bo Svenson
Brook Alastair Lance Henricksen
Rachel Victoria Racimo
Buck Robert F. Hoy
John Pilgrim Nicholas Pryor

Directed by Charles Bail
Screenplay by Ovidio G. Assonitis, Alfonso Brescia, Sheila Goldberg


A scientist working on a safe energy source copes with the ruthless owners of a nuclear power plant who don't want him to succeed and are illegally dumping their nuclear waste.

The director of this movie was also a stuntman/actor, who made several appearances in The High Chaparral.


Bob Hoy

Bob Hoy putting his life on the line in
Choke Canyon (1986)


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