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The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox


Charlie "Dirtwater Fox" Malloy George Segal
Amanda Quade/Dunchess Swansbury Goldie Hawn
Gladstone Conrad Janis
Josiah Widdicombe Thayer David
Bloodworth Roy Jenson
Ingersoll Robert F. Hoy
Dirtwater Sheriff Jerry Wills
Stagecoach Driver Richard Farnsworth

Directed by Melvin Frank
Screenplay by Melvin Frank, Barry Sandler & Jack Rose


A comedy/western about a card sharp/con man (George Segal) who is on the run both from a band of outlaws and sheriff's posse. He is joined by a dance hall girl (Goldie Hawn) who is just as conniving as he is.

Bob plays a member of the outlaw gang. He is a man of few words but is certainly a handsome bad guy.

This is a terrible movie, with lots of gratuitous swearing, silly sexual innuendos and unfunny dialogue. The main characters are so unlikable you can't help but root for Bob's character to catch up with them and give them what they deserve.

Robert F. Hoy in The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox

Robert F. Hoy in The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox



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