Duell McCall Alex McArthur
David Warner Ballard
Yaphet Kotto Bedo
Donald Moffat Malloy
Lisa Cutter Nora Malloy
Robert Vaughn Sheriff Whaley
Gladys Knight Mona Lisa
Pernell Roberts Marshal Dancey
Dirk Blocker Grady
Bob Hoy Half Breed

Directed by Virgil W. Vogel
Written by Elmore Leonard


During a feud in a mining town, drifter Duell McCall is framed for the murder of a sheriff (Robert Vaughn) and goes on a search for the man who can clear his name.

Bob has the first line in this movie. He plays a bad guy who shouldn't have messed with McCall.

This movie was filmed in Tucson, Arizona. The casting was done by Don Collier's wife, Holly Hire. The director, Virgil W. Vogel, directed Bob in the classic horror movie The Mole People, as well as three episodes of The High Chaparral, and one episode of Bonanza ("To Own the World.")

The Half Breed is a man of few words


He has a better way of making a point


Too bad he wasn't faster on the draw


He comes back for more


But he doesn't fare any better

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