Bob Hoy



The Over-The-Hill-Gang


Capt. Oren Hayes Pat O'Brien
Nash Crawford Walter Brennan
Gentleman George Agnew Chill Wills
Jason Fitch Edgar Buchanan
Mayor Nard Lundy Edward Andrews
Judge Amos Polk Andy Devine
Sheriff Clyde Barnes Jack Elam
Jeff Rose Ricky Nelson
Cassie Gypsy Rose Lee
Little Billy Ford Bobby Hoy

Directed by Jean Yarbrough
Written by Jameson Brewer


The dishonest Mayor (Edward Andrews) does not take kindly to Jeff Rose (Ricky Nelson) running against him in the upcoming election and has his equally evil Sheriff (Jack Elam) show Jeff his displeasure using his fists. Luckily his father-in-law (Pat O'Brien) is visiting. The retired Captain of the Texas Rangers calls on his old team to help him clean up the town. While they are thrilled to be able to work again, the elderly team learn the hard way that they are not the crack Rangers they use to be, and must rely on their wits to win the day.

Bob plays one of the outlaws the Mayor hires to run the pesky Over-The-Hill Gang out of town.

The Mayor (Edward Andrews, right) introduces outlaw Little Billy Ford (Bobby Hoy) to the Rangers

Little Billy Ford (Bobby Hoy) is caught by surprise

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