Bob Hoy


Bonanza: The Next Generation


Benjamin Cartwright Michael Landon Jr.
Aaron Cartwright John Ireland
Charlie Poke Robert Fuller
Mr. Mack John Amos
Josh Cartwright Brian A. Smith
Annabelle Cartwright Barbara Anderson
Dunston Peter Mark Richman
Feathers Robert Hoy

Directed by William F. Claxton
Written by David Dortort, Paul Savage


This story of the Cartwrights begins in 1905. The Ponderosa is now run by Ben Carwright's brother, Aaron. Little Joe's wife, Annabelle also lives on the ranch. They are soon joined by Joe and Annable's son, Benjamin. Hoss's son, Josh, a surprise to everyone, also shows up. The ranch foreman is Charlie Poke, fiercely loyal to the Cartwrights. He  takes exception to Aaron granting access to Ponderosa land to a mining company. Aaron is only thinking of all the jobs it will provide to the area and doesn't realize the damage it will do to the land. When Aaron tries to stop the mining company, trouble ensues.

Bob plays a ranch hand on the Ponderosa. There is quite a long scene involving the young Cartwrights breaking a wild horse in which Bob is featured.

The director of this TV movie, William F. Claxton, directed many episodes of The High Chaparral.

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