Bob Hoy



Gone to Texas


Sam Houston

Sam Elliott
Stephen Austin James Stephen
William Travis William Russ
Gen. Santa Anna Richard Yniguez
Jim Bowie Michael Beck
Colonel Burleson Robert F. Hoy
President Andrew Jackson G.D. Spradlin
Colonel John Allen Donald Moffat
Colonel Sidney Sherman Bo Hopkins

Directed by Peter Levin
Screenplay by John Binder & Frank Q. Dobbs


A biography of Sam Houston, from the start of his career as governor of Tennessee to the leader of the liberation of Texas from Mexico. Bob plays Colonel Burleson, an important player Texas history, who fights alongside General Houston. 

(all photos from the private collection of Robert F. Hoy)

Bob Hoy as Colonel Burleson



Bob Hoy as Colonel Burleson

Sam Elliott as Sam Houston, unknown actor as Lamar and Bob Hoy as Colonel Burleson


Abilene Reporter News
One Burleson meets actor who portrayed hero ancestor

By Ken Ellsworth
October 21, 2006

Don Burleson, an Abilene businessman, finally met the man he's wanted to meet since 1986, the actor who played the part of Texas Revolution hero Edward Burleson in the 1986 television movie ''Gone for Texas.''

Don Burleson is Edward Burleson's cousin five times removed. Edward Burleson was the first person to be honored with a burial in what was to become the Texas State Cemetery. The man who played Col. Burleson in the movie is Robert Hoy, a movie actor and stuntman since 1949. Hoy was in town for the weekend to support the Dean Smith Celebrity Rodeo at the Taylor County Fairgrounds. Hoy and Smith, a famed stuntman in western movies, participated in dozens of movies together.

Don Burleson met Hoy on Friday following a stuntman forum held at the Expo Center.

''It was a pleasure,'' Burleson said of meeting Hoy, who still looks like he can ride and act. ''I had been wanting to shake his hand and talk with him for a long time.''

Hoy said it was his pleasure, too, to meet Burleson and Burleson's granddaughter, Samantha Burleson, 6. Samantha seemed a little overwhelmed by the crowd of actors and stunt performers, all of whom sported the usual western wear of Stetsons and boots. Some of those included holsters and pistols with their outfits.

Hoy's own movie career began in 1949 with the movie ''Ambushed'' and his last movie credit is listed as a television film named ''Detective'' made in 2005. During that span, Hoy appeared in 136 movies, according to, an Internet movie database.

According the Handbook of Texas, Edward Burleson (1798-1851), originally from North Carolina, came to Texas in 1830, applied for land and was elected lieutenant colonel of the Austin Municipality militia in 1832. He was a lieutenant colonel in Gen. Stephen F. Austin's volunteer army and later became its general. Burleson was a colonel under Sam Houston at the 1836 battle of San Jacinto, which won Texas' freedom from Mexico.

He was also an American Indian fighter and in 1837 became brigadier general of the militia established by the First Congress of the Republic of Texas. He was elected a senator to the Third Texas Congress, and in 1844 ran for president of the Republic, but lost to Anson Jones, again according to the Handbook of Texas.

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