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The mission of this portion of Bob Hoy's Web Site is to honor the work of the cast and crew of The High Chaparral and to encourage the legitimate and authorized release of the DVD's of this show. We try to maintain as accurate an archive as possible.  No one benefits financially in any way from this site.  While not an officially sanctioned site, the Powers That Be who represent the copyright holders of The High Chaparral are well aware of it. 

The majority of the photos on the High Chaparral section of this site were taken from the television show or by set photographers.  Character highlights, character descriptions, and synopses were written by the Web Master specifically for this site.  We don't offer fan fiction, but instead have links to other sites that do. Much of what is contained in this web site is still under the copyright protection of someone other than ourselves.  We sincerely hope that all site visitors understand that we do not wish to profit from or discredit The High Chaparral or any other copyright holders in any way.  If the owners of any material on this site are not attributed and would like to be, or would like their material removed, please let us know and we will respond promptly. 

We actively discourage commercial trafficking in unauthorized copies of The High Chaparral video tapes or DVD's and whenever we become aware of them, we report infringements to the attorney for Bonanza Ventures, Inc. We continue to encourage the legitimate commercial release of The High Chaparral on DVD and remain part of an eager and ready market whenever it becomes available.  Until then our goal is simply to honor the many contributions that went into making this show the legend that it still is and to keep that legend alive for The High Chaparral fans around the world.  

Questions about copyright issues regarding The High Chaparral can be addressed to:

Andrew J. Klyde
Attorney for David Dortort and Bonanza Ventures, Inc.
141-15 72nd Avenue,
Kew Gardens Hills
New York 11367
Phone: (718) 261-4128, Fax: (718) 261-4408


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