Bob Hoy
Legendary Stuntman

1927 - 2010

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He will always be remembered by a multitude of loyal fans as Joe Butler, the heart and soul of the ranch hands on the highly acclaimed television western, The High Chaparral.  But this talented man has also acted in over sixty-seven movies and seventy-five television shows, thrilling audiences in well over a hundred appearances as a stuntman. He has performed with such actors as Clint Eastwood, Cary Grant, Gene Hackman and Goldie Hawn, doubled for Tony Curtis, Charles Bronson, Audie Murphy and Tyrone Power, played parts from cowboys to secret agents, good guys and bad guys, in settings from the ancient Rome to the future. No less gifted behind the scenes, Bob has also worked as director and stunt coordinator. In a fifty-plus year career, Bob's multiple talents have been displayed again and again.

This site is a tribute to Bob and the entertainment he has brought us for so many years. He may be Joe Butler in our hearts, but he deserves to be acknowledged for so much more.

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